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NextGen Full Suit Two-piece camouflage suit made in the NextGen technology. This is a over-size clothing and should be worn over outerwear as the last layer of your outdoor clothing.

Product content:

-Wide anorak-style jacket. The jacket has a zipper that allows it to be unfastened to the chest area. The hood has two stoppers that allow it to be adapted to the currently worn headgear. The bottom of the jacket is tightened with two stoppers.

-Loose pants that the user can put on over the footwear. There are belt loops at the waist that allow you to adjust the pants to your figure with any belt.

Base fabric - 100% polyester mesh.

3D foliage material - Halo Screen, Nano Screen, Raffia, other 3D elements.

Attention! The suit is made to order only. Please enter all dimensions in the product card. In case of any doubts about your sizing chart, we will contact you before starting the order realization.

What is NextGen? 

Ghillie from the NextGen line is a completely new direction in the world of masking systems. We based our new products on HALO SCREEN technology. HALO SCREEN is a revolutionary technology of personal masking. The system allows you to create ultra-light modular masks that have high adaptive properties in a diverse environment.

HALO SCREEN properties:

  • The ghillie is ready for use after being pulled out of the box
  • High resistance to extremely adverse weather conditions
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Small volume after compressing
  • Works in nIR 


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