Le Covert Sartorialist Oak Master Cobra (Forest Floor)



Oak Master Cobra (Forest Floor) - a lightweight ghillie vest based on a mesh in Oak Master camouflage. The user wears Cobra as the last layer of outerwear. A product with foliage applied in the colors of Forest Floor, which is perfect for a forest environment in autumn, snow-free winter and early spring. Ghillie ready to use straight from the box.


  • Weight: ~ 800 grams
  • Universal size - Fits users up to 190 cm tall and 115 cm in chest circumference
  • Fastex Buckles covered with Nano Screen fabric for elimination of unnecessary shine and the best absorption of light
  • Hood buckle that allows user to attach the hood to a headwear
  • A system of pullers that allows to adjust the outfit to the user's figure
  • Foliage made of Nano Screen Mini-Garlands, Jute Fibers, Raffia Fibers

The user can further adjust it with:


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