We created our project to break the age-old stereotype that ghillie should be done 100% yourself! First of all, to create your ghillie suit, you need to have the appropriate knowledge, workshop and proper materials. There are very few publications that can reliably describe the process of ghillie development, and the materials available on the public market are not a source of competent information on this topic.

Making your own homemade ghillie suit consumes a lot of time and funds and does not guarantee the desired effect. Commercially available dyes and paints suitable for creating camouflage foliage do not necessarily allow to obtain the perfect shades of dyed fabrics and materials. The modifying of uniforms and hunting suits and will never guarantee such convenience of use as concealment systems designed and sewn from scratch for specific tactical applications.

That is why our mission is to provide professional concelament systems for people who need 3D camouflage to operate in various tactical conditions. We are able to provide a product for everyone, regardless of the requirements set for us. Despite the wide offer that meets the expectations of the vast majority of customers, we also carry out custom projects.

Our camouflages are created in consultation with active employees of uniformed services. All concealment systems have been tested by professionals in combat conditions.

You don't believe us? Check it yourself!