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Snow Cobra

I love it when unboxing gives me an Adrenalin kick. Yesterday I opened a parcel with the new SCG Snow Cobra. Oh, man fortunately it was sunny and after some 3d pimping I went out for a first field test.

Here are the results:

Skiers didn’t detect me: a good point. This is 50 meters from the parking and whole families are in direct sight while unloading their ski gear. LCS keeps watch to know which kid actually began the fight.

A tiny observation post can be set up with the Snow Cobra.

Very interesting how the green HaloScreen (Alpage & Dark Treeline) looks dark in such contrasted shade. This is the reason why black is acceptable in snow camos.

A Cobra can be a quick fix solution to camo your backpack.

Beginners and youtubers never do long distance tests. They judge a camo at point blank and this gives way to unsound conceptions of concealment. In my methodology testing begins at a few hundred meters and then you get closer. But it is impossible to express the first phase with photos.

I admire the results of spectro-colorimetric rationality: the mix of Alpage & Dark Treeline emulates the green negative space in nature. Yes, I know, teenagers and youtubers would add some Chinese maple leaves here.

Every camo material has a blind spot and every test has some failed photos. It is commercially unpleasant to show the failed photos but this is the source of knowledge; trial and error. In this case the Cobra is not reflective enough and seems too dark. The problem is mainly the mesh structure because holes in the mesh obviously do not reflect light. Making a snow camo with mesh condemns one to perform only in sunny conditions. To perform in low light other materials are necessary. Does it mean that the Snow Cobra has no value? No. But it has its limits and the user must be aware of them to adapt his stealth behavior accordingly.

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