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Modular Camouflage Suit is a specialized system designed for snipers and sharpshooters. It allows the number of camouflage elements to be adapted to specific tasks or equipment carried. The entire set is highly adjustable and can be used by people from 170 to 200 cm in height and up to 115 cm chest circumference.

All components of the suit are covered with 3D elements and vegetation mounts. Additionally, a paracord grid is sewn onto the surface of the entire suit, enabling the quick application of additional 3D elements and vegetation mounts.

The camouflage is available in two versions:

  • GREEN – Color scheme dedicated to heavily green areas.
  • BROWN – Color scheme dedicated to areas with a lot of dry and brown vegetation.

The set consists of six elements:

  1. Viper Hood – Features an extra-large hood with a clip to attach it to headgear, extra-large sleeves, and buckles to extend the Viper Cape located on the underside of the Viper Hood's back.
  2. Viper Cape – rear cape attached to the Viper hood, includes a stabilizing system at the waist and chest.
  3. Half Pants – Camouflage overlays worn over combat trousers, stabilized by a main buckle at the waist, four leg buckles, and straps worn under the boot.
  4. Boots Covers – Camouflage covers for boots, fitting footwear in sizes 41 - 47 EU, with their own type of vegetation straps.
  5. Rifle Wrap – Consists of two parts: an 80 cm part for the front and a 45 cm part for the optics, with a mesh cover to reduce optics reflection.
  6. Protective Compression Sack – In olive green color.


  1. Size: Universal, height 170 - 200 cm, chest circumference up to 115 cm.
  2. Weight of the entire set: 2400 grams
  3. Base suit material: Mesh 100% polyester
  4. 3D foliage: 3D Halo Screen modules, 3D Nano Screen modules Oak Master, Jute, Raffia

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