QD Rifle Wrap (SF MOD) Pro


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ATACS iX (+dop?ata)
MULTICAM (+Additional fee)
Maskowanie w wymiarze standardowym ma nast?puj?ce wymiary, cz??? na front karabinu to 65 cm, cz??? na optyk? to 40 cm. Rozmiar pasuje do wi?kszo?ci karabinów wyborowych oraz lunet dost?pnych na rynku.
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QD Rifle Wrap (SF MOD) Pro Line ? Concealment system for sniper rifles made. It consists of two parts, the first for the rifle front, the second for the optics.

The entire surface of the Rifle Wrap has a paracord webbing sewn in, which allows you to quickly add local vegetation or any artificial camouflage elements such as jute, raffia, 3D modules etc.

On the part responsible for concealing the optics, there is a thin mesh that reduces the shining of the optics glass. Rifle Wrap also has a special mounting and adjustment system, which allows for a perfect fit to current configuration of your rifle and optics.

The standard size Rifle Wrap consists of two parts with dimensions of 65 cm (for the front of the rifle, fits most models of sniper rifles) and 40 cm (for optics). If you need a product in a non-standard size, please provide the exact dimensions in the product card.


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