Cobra Suit Pro (Long Sleeve) (Version with camouflage foliage applied)

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FINPAT M/05 (+Additional fee)
ATACS IX (+Additional fee)
MULTICAM (+Additional fee)
The standard size fits people with a height of 170-185 cm and a chest circumference of 85-110 cm.
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Cobra Suit Pro (Long Sleeve) - the highest quality modular concealment system. The unique cut and the best materials available on the market place it on the top shelf of tactical equipment. Precise workmanship and appropriate production technology allow for long-term use of ghillie in various tactical conditions without affecting material consumption.

The universal foliage assembly system guarantees the appropriate ergonomics of camouflage use, regardless of the enviroment structure. This allows you to prepare a fully professional concealment to suit any outdoor conditions.

The advanced system of pullers used in the structure allows for a perfect match of the outfit to the body structure and equipment of a user.

A properly designed hood cut and the materials used for its production guarantee maximum comfort of use regardless of the headgear, including helmets.

The use of 100% synthetic and professional tactical fabrics for the production of the outfit made it possible to create an ultra-light concealment system, which additionally does not overload the user.

For the foliage, we use jute and raffia fibers made according to our specifications in the best dyeing houses. The camouflage fibers we use in the Pro line is resistant to mechanical damage, pilling and discoloration.


  • The product is in the version with the camouflage foliage applied. This is a ready-to-use ghillie.
  • A system of pullers that allows to adjust the outfit to the user's figure
  • The product is made entirely of synthetic materials
  • The design allows for quick compression without the use of additional accessories
  • Product weight: ~ 1500 grams

1 review for Cobra Suit Pro (Long Sleeve) (Wersja z na?o?onym farszem maskuj?cym)

  1. Emil Nørgaard (verified owner)

    Super well made Ghillie.

    Was my first purchase from SCG.
    And have never looked back after getting it.

    The handmade suit is well above the normal quality of high-end Ghillies on the market.

    Light, quiet and can be fitted to pretty much any bodytype, thanks to the straps in the Cobra suit.

    Colours are nicely matched to give a proper hue and saturation for most aborreal type woodlands and heaths/plains.
    Quite durable too, have only lost a few threads of material after 24h of continuos wear outdoors.
    Drying the suit took only a few hours, which left no discolorations or foul odours.

    I would recommend this SCG product for people new to using Ghillies, and pro’s alike.
    As it’s quite a versatile piece of equipment.

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