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NextGen Trousers (FinPat M/05) Multi-Season  are ghillie pants based on mesh in FinPat M05 with camouflage foliage made of Halo Screen and Nano Screen in the Multi-Season version.

Oversized trousers, the user should wear them over combat trousers.

Trousers available in size:


They fit a user with the following sizes:

Height: 170-180CM

Waist: 92-100 CM

Inside leg length: 79 CM

What is NextGen? 

Ghillie from the NextGen line is a completely new direction in the world of masking systems. We based our new products on HALO SCREEN technology. HALO SCREEN is a revolutionary technology of personal masking. The system allows you to create ultra-light modular masks that have high adaptive properties in a diverse environment.

HALO SCREEN properties:

  • The ghillie is ready for use after being pulled out of the box
  • High resistance to extremely adverse weather conditions
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Small volume after compressing
  • Works in nIR


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